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Figaro Chains

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Gold 2.1MM Diamond Cut Figaro Chain Model-0123 - Charlie & Co. Jewelry
2mm Solid 14K Gold Figaro Link Chain Model-0490 - Charlie & Co. Jewelry
Gold 2mm Solid Figaro Chain Model-0105 - Charlie & Co. Jewelry
Gold Solid Figaro Chain With 4mm Width Model-0353 - Charlie & Co. Jewelry
Gold 6.5mm Hollow Figaro Chain Model-0411 - Charlie & Co. Jewelry
Gold Hollow Figaro Chain With 7.2mm Width Model-0410 - Charlie & Co. Jewelry

Make 'em twinkle and wink at your walk, with our 14K Gold Chains. Adorn yourself with the most glamorous of golds - 14K Gold Chains, Gold Diamond Cut Solid Rope Chains, Gold Hollow Rope Chains, Gold Miami Cuban Chains, Gold Box Chains, Gold Hollow Square Franco Chains, Gold Diamond Cut Figaro Chains, and Gold Solid Figaro Chains. Whatever your style and size, we've got you covered with different sizes and chains for whatever pendant you have, or shop a new Gold Pendant with us! Pair together your favorite gold pendant with your new favorite gold chain to make an awesome looking new 14K gold necklace! Let your look shine!