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Article: Why Gold Jewelry Turns Black?

Why Gold Jewelry Turns Black

Why Gold Jewelry Turns Black?

Do you love wearing gold jewelry? It's no surprise why—gold has a distinctly beautiful, eye-catching shine that can dress up any outfit. Unfortunately, gold isn't always as shiny and radiant as it should be!

If your favorite pieces of gold jewelry are losing their luster and turning black or discolored, we have the answers for you here.

Here, we’re going to answer the age-old question: Why does gold jewelry turn black? We'll also give tips on how both jewelers and ordinary people can make sure their precious pieces stay looking brand new for longer.

Reasons: Why Gold Turns Black

Due To Tarnish 

Gold jewelry may seem like it is living its own life at times when it begins to turn black, usually due to tarnishing. Tarnish occurs when sulfur or hydrogen sulfide is present in the air and comes into contact with the gold.

This results in a thin coating of oxide over part or all of the gold piece, causing it to turn black. Tarnish can vary, so some pieces can still have a bright color while others are completely black.

Fortunately, there are ways to remove tarnish from gold jewelry, so you don't have to worry about it becoming a permanent fixture on your favorite pieces.

Low-Quality Plating

One of the main contributors to gold jewelry turning black is low-quality plating. This usually happens when gold jewelry is exposed to substances like chlorine and other chemicals, tarnishing the gold patina.

Additionally, suppose the alloys used alongside gold are of low quality. In that case, the jewelry can begin to rust and rub off onto skin and clothing via body oil seeping down onto the jewelry’s surface.

To prevent this, it is best practice to invest in quality items constructed with higher-grade alloys and durable platings, as these will be more than likely to withstand contact with any corrosive elements.


Wearing gold jewelry is an age-old custom, but the color of the metal starts changing with time when exposed to certain elements.

Corrosion is the main reason why gold jewelry turns black. In most cases, small amounts of copper, silver, and nickel are mixed into gold jewelry to improve its durability and strength.

However, these metals can also oxidize when exposed to air and cause discoloration on the piece. The tarnish can form a layer over the jewelry, which darkens it and roughens the surface.

Therefore, cleaning your jewelry regularly and taking off your pieces when doing any activity that expresses sweat or leaving them in water for an extended time can help keep them in good condition for longer periods.

Lotions And Perfumes Can Make Gold Black

Wearable gold jewelry is a universal symbol of beauty and elegance, but if it is not taken care of properly, it can quickly become tarnished.

One pitfall to watch out for that is often overlooked is when lotions and perfumes come into contact with the metal.

The fragrances in personal care products contain naturally acidic components. This has a corrosive effect on the surface of the jewelry, causing it to turn black or yellow over time.

Therefore, if you want to make sure your stylish gold jewelry looks its best for years to come, remember to put flowery scents aside while putting on pieces of bling.

In The End:

We hope this read has given you a newfound appreciation for chemistry and shown you why taking care of your gold jewelry is important. It can be a beautiful metal, but it requires some upkeep to keep it looking its best.

If you want to learn how to take care of your gold jewelry or want to know more about the process of how it tarnishes, our experts would be happy to chat with you. Leave us a comment or give us a call today!

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