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White Gold Vs. Yellow Gold: Key Differences

Are you considering a special piece of jewelry but unsure if you should go with white gold or yellow gold? If so, you’re not alone. With so many styles to choose from and the subtle differences between white gold and yellow gold, it can be tough for those unfamiliar with all things jewelry-related to know where to start. We are here to help!

Below, we will discuss the characteristics and key differences of both materials in hopes that our readers can make an informed choice when deciding which metal is best for their new piece of jewelry.

What is White Gold?

When it comes to jewelry and other gold items, white gold is the white knight of all metals.

Originally developed to copy the naturally white color of platinum, this alloy has become a popular choice among modern shoppers due to its lower cost and impressive 75% pure gold content (if stamped 18 karat). It's like icing on a cake - except the cake is made of nickel and zinc - sprinkled nicely with gold.

Stronger than pure gold, this precious metal looks good but also packs a punch. Now that’s a winning combination.

What is Yellow Gold?

Yellow gold is a beautiful and desirable precious metal treasured around the world. Its sunny hue can be found in many jewelry styles, from sleek contemporary designs to classic hoops and bangles.

Of course, yellow gold is also the metal behind engagement rings – after all, it would hardly be a proposal without an eye-catching statement piece containing this special substance! Yellow gold is created by mixing pure gold with alloy metals such as zinc, copper, or silver.

By manipulating its metal composition, an array of stunning yellow shades are possible - perfect for showing off your unique style whenever you wear it.

White Gold Vs. Yellow Gold: Key Differences

Compositions Of Metals

You might think that gold is gold; however, there are subtle differences between yellow and white gold that can make a massive difference to your style. Yellow gold is a 'touch of color' as it is made from pure gold plus other metals to give it that signature hue.

On the other hand, white gold comes through solid teamwork, as it's made when pure gold and a few carefully selected white metals combine to produce a silvery-white shade.

It may seem like small details but with something as important as jewelry, who wouldn't want the perfect color combination?


When choosing an engagement ring or another piece of jewelry, many people face the difficult decision between yellow and white gold.

Luckily, there's one big area where yellow gold ends up on top - and that's softness! That's right - compared to its silvery sibling, yellow gold tends to be much more susceptible to scratches and other signs of wear over time.

So if you're somebody who puts their bling through some tough times (maybe you accidentally bang it against the door frame now and then), then Yellow Gold is just the metal for you.


Low maintenance types with a minimal aesthetic rejoice because white gold is the superior choice for keeping your jewelry shining.

There’s no denying that its slightly more high-maintenance cousin, yellow gold, will require frequent polishing and cleaning to keep up appearances. But don't let this sway you from indulging in gorgeous pieces made from the golden hue; there are benefits worth considering too.

Though cleaning those crevices or prongs may be less than ideal, maintaining your yellow gold is gratifying.


Looking to make a statement with your next jewelry purchase? You can't miss yellow gold. White gold may be elegant, but its price tag won't break the bank quite like yellow gold's.

With its higher cost of materials, this precious metal often commands a higher price than its white counterpart: time to hit the bank - and the jewelry store.

Final Words 

And that's the difference between white gold and yellow gold! This article helped inform you of the key differences between these two types of gold. Thanks for reading!

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White Gold Vs. Yellow Gold