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Article: Which Earring Styles and Designs Look Best on Me?

Earring Styles and Designs

Which Earring Styles and Designs Look Best on Me?

We all have a little urge to stand out from the crowd and feel special, especially regarding our accessories. Earrings are an essential accessory for expressing your style and personality, so wouldn't you want to wear earring styles that look great on you?

Choosing the right earrings can be daunting whether you're looking for dainty studs or statement hoops.

After all, with different lengths and designs available today—it's hard knowing which pair will complement your face shape best! But don't fret: we've gathered some advice from jewelers and goldsmiths on choosing the styles of earrings that will make everyone turn heads in awe.

Before We Begin

When shopping for the perfect pair of earrings, it can be easy to get drawn in by the sparkle and shine.

But if you want them to look as stunning on you as possible--and keep everyone looking at you instead of your jewelry--you should take a few extra steps.

Consider the style and shape of the earrings, how they look on your particular face shape, and how they match any other accessories you plan to wear them with.

You will soon discover which pairs make you look glamorous while others are better left on display. Taking the time to learn what looks best on you will pay off in the long run: with an envious glow that is truly yours.

If You Have A Round Face

If you have a round face shape, there is no better accessory than longer, dangling earrings! They're like little works of art that bring out your features and add a touch of elegance to any look.

Whether they are classic earrings made from gold or silver with an intricate design, pearl and crystal drop models, or bohemian ear candy, dangle earrings will flatter the lines of your face for an eye-catching appearance.

As a bonus, everyone else will get the chance to marvel at your beautiful jewelry - after all, what better way to show off your unique style?

If You Have A Narrow Face

Round shape earrings can help create the perfect look for a narrow face--defining and adding dimensions of beauty to an otherwise plain canvas.

One of the most common round shapes perfect for such faces is pearl studs.

However, don't stop there--gemstone studs, round diamond studs, and any “button” style of earring can also be visually stimulating and give you a glamorous sheen. Wear them with a simple outfit, and you'll surely be the belle of the ball.

If You Have Oval Face

If you have a cute oval face shape, you can wear almost any earrings and always look great. For those who want to emphasize their classic features, consider shimmering long, dangling earrings with an oval shape or a teardrop-inspired long style.

No matter which ones you choose, they’ll give your outfit extra sparkle and perfectly match the contours of your face. Be creative with it.

Whether heading to a party or dressing up for something more formal, there’s certainly no shortage of earring options that will bring out the most flattering elements of your unique and beautiful facial structure.

If You Have A Diamond Shape Face:

For anyone with a diamond-faced shape, the prominent cheekbones provide a wonderful canvas to dangle long sweeping earrings of soft, curved shapes.

Whether the long earrings are made with precious gems or costume jewelry, it doesn't matter - your face will make these earrings look fabulous! For added style and sophistication, why not add glittering little studs in the higher sections, completing your perfect look?

You're sure to have everyone commenting on your beautiful diamond face when you enter the room wearing those long dangling earrings offset against all those outstanding, prominent cheekbones.

In The End:

This article helped show you which earring styles and designs look best on your face.

If you're still unsure, why not try a few different pairs and see what works for you? The great thing about jewelry is that it's a personal expression of who you are, so don't be afraid to experiment.

And if you're looking for inspiration, check out Charlie & Co. Jewelry. We have a wide variety of gold earrings sure to make you look and feel your best. Thanks for reading.

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