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Article: How to perfectly pair your earrings and necklaces

perfectly pair your earrings and necklaces

How to perfectly pair your earrings and necklaces

Earrings and necklaces have the potential to be as glamorous and sophisticated as very few other jewelry combinations. It's crucial always to achieve the ideal match because they are in the same location on the body. After all, a mismatched set of earrings and necklace looks the worst. Unexpectedly, complimentary doesn't always imply matching. Instead, it's crucial to design a well-defined and unified look.

A precise balance between your favorite pieces is the key to accessorizing. It is important to choose goods that go well together. A fascinating contrast can occasionally be preferred to a perfect match. There are several ways to achieve the ideal impression while wearing earrings and necklaces together. These hints can be useful.

Pair stud earrings and a statement necklace.

Use contrast effectively while matching necklaces and earrings. Avoid donning two loud, eye-catching pieces together; they will clash. If you want to wear a statement necklace, complement it with a sophisticated pair of subtle earrings. If you're going to wear a large statement necklace, keep in mind that opposites attract.

Match up opposing shapes.

Some people might believe matching shapes should be used when pairing earrings and necklaces. Contrary to popular belief, matching necklaces and earrings with the same shape can have an overpowering impression. Choose products with contrasting shapes to ensure your outfit has a unified look and style. Match circular earrings with a square or angular-shaped necklace. Try different combinations of forms; each has a different effect.

When it comes to color coordination, be brave.

According to accepted fashion wisdom, you could follow tradition and choose necklaces and earrings that are the same color or that complement one another. Alternatively, you may try something new.

Combine color and glitz.

The classic jewelry design strategy of combining sparkle and color has endured over time because it is so effective. Select a necklace with a striking, vivid gemstone, and wear it with a tiny pair of sparkling earrings. Your combination will stay interesting and exciting thanks to the contrast. The opposite strategy will also be effective.

Select a variety of materials.

Try pairing jewelry made of various materials to get a dramatic, contrasted effect. For instance, you could wear a colorful beaded necklace and earrings made of plain metal.

You've certainly noticed that some jewelry can elevate an outfit when worn with the appropriate attire. You might have a go-to necklace for the office or a favorite pair of earrings for your favorite LBD.

But are there any unspoken guidelines regarding which jewelry goes best with which attire? Although not formally, matching jewelry to attire is an art.

The finest advice we have for accessorizing with jewelry is provided below. You may also view our video for much more advice! Remember that these are only lighthearted suggestions that have shown to be very effective. Always be yourself and follow your heart!

How to style your look with necklaces

The following are some unofficial guidelines for wearing necklaces with certain outfits:

A necklace can always bring definition and interest to solid shirts and basic blouses. Statement or layered necklaces look great with high necklines, such as those on turtlenecks, collared shirts, and mock necks. For more formal settings, layered necklaces may be preferable, while a big statement necklace is ideal for going out.

Use a necklace to define your physique and stop a flowy or loose shirt from covering too much of it if you're wearing one. It makes sense to give these necklaces a thicker texture, so they stick out more against the clothing.

Which earrings go best with what?

Which earrings should I wear? For guidance, continue reading. For more formal occasions and casual attire, studs are ideal. They go well with just about anything.

Bold earrings elevate a look. They are ideal for date clothes since they immediately draw attention to your face. If you're dressing up or going out, we always advise wearing statement earrings. Choose colors for your earrings that contrast with the color of your hair for the best visual impact. Choose earrings if your neckline is high to draw attention to your stunning face.

An easy method to pair

Components are one of the simplest methods to mix jewelry styles. Your theme can be arbitrary or deliberate. To show your appreciation for animals, pair tree earrings with plant pendant necklaces or wear paw print jewelry, including earrings and necklaces. Themed jewelry is fantastic for holidays and special occasions.

But how can you pick the perfect earring set for every outfit?

There are no hard-and-fast guidelines, but it's a good idea to pair a casual clothing with simple earrings and a formal one with elaborate ones.

When selecting the ideal earrings for an ensemble, keep the following in mind:


Where are you heading, first and foremost? You might want to pass on the highly ornate, costly statement earrings if you are just rushing to the shop to purchase some groceries. Instead, choose a delicate yet exquisite accessory like a pair of petite hoops or classic pearl earrings.


Although it may seem strange, the weather does have an impact on choosing the ideal set of earrings. Choose a simple design, like studs or huggies, if you're wearing a bulky scarf during the cold. On the other hand, wearing large hoops or long drop earrings is a great way to go with the summertime wardrobe of light-weight clothing.

Just keep in mind that wearing long drop earrings to the beach to go swimming may not be the ideal idea just because it's summer. Also, bear in mind what activities you have planned for the day.


Before selecting your earrings, pay attention to several important aspects of your wardrobe, such as the silhouette and fit of your clothing. Consider wearing petite, glittering earrings that draw attention to your face if you are wearing a high neckline. Long earrings, on the other hand, work better with low necklines.

Chandelier earrings are an excellent choice if you want to emphasize the look of an oversized, baggy attire by wearing them. If you are wearing tight, form-fitting clothing, you can either choose statement earrings to balance off the style or go the other way and choose daintier earrings.

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