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Article: How to pair jewelry with different outfits

How to pair jewelry with different outfits

How to pair jewelry with different outfits

What could be more aggravating than trying to find the perfect outfit? Trying to find the perfect jewelry to go with it. It's great to have options, but having too many can make dressing a chore. If this sounds familiar, don't think you're the only one! Every week, if not every day, women all over the world find themselves in this situation.

In fact, women spend an average of 90 minutes per week deciding what to wear in their closets. Jewelry is an essential part of any outfit, so why not choose wisely when accessorizing? Here's how to maximize jewelry coordination:

The Jewelry Is Appropriate for the Situation

When you're typing on a keyboard, dangling wrist jewelry doesn't look so good. If you're dressing for work (especially if you'll be typing a lot), you might want to skip the bangles and hanging bracelets.

Your jewelry for church should not be the same as your jewelry for a night at the club. Consider where you're going, what you'll be doing, and how the jewelry will appear to onlookers.  There is such a thing as inappropriate jewelry for the occasion.

Simple Jewelry and Busy Patterns Work in tandem

Alternatively, no matter how great the print is, loud and ornate jewelry can muddy it. Busy prints and wild jewelry can quickly become gaudy. Instead of flashy accessories, opt for simple bracelets, watches, and earrings. Even the fabric of the outfit should be taken into account. Ornate jewelry can look just as tacky on a busy print as it does on heavily stitched or ruffled fabric.

Use Statement Earrings to Draw Attention to the Face

Your outfit may be flawless, but if you want to make your face the center of attention, invest in a pair of statement earrings. You know, the flashy, glittery ones that draw attention to your eyes.

Consider your face shape and which pair will do the most to highlight the facial differences that make you unique. Ladies with heart-shaped faces, for example, should consider non-tapered drop earrings. Ladies with oval faces should wear studs or triangular earrings to accentuate their cheekbones.

Jewelry that complements skin tone

 Jewelry should be worn in addition to your outfit. Women who know how to accessorize these days know how to use jewelry to highlight their skin tones. Silver is a common metal that illuminates the majority of natural tones. Gold looks great with dark hair and matte skin. Red, purple, and blue gemstones complement cooler skin tones. White gold is also an excellent metal choice for cooler skin tones. Warmer skin tones look great with yellow, orange, and green gemstones, as well as yellow metals.

Combining Cool and Warm Colors in Jewelry

There is a science to color matching in fashion. Many stylists draw inspiration from the color wheel. The color wheel will show you that as warm and cool shades blend in one direction, they also blend in the opposite direction. Gemstones in deep green and dark blue stand out against a yellow or orange dress.

Accessorizing is all about finding the right balance of cool and warm colors. Try to match your jewelry and outfits to be the most beautiful "opposites attract" example out there.

A girl's best friend is diamonds.

That is not a novel concept. Diamonds have been used in jewelry since people discovered them thousands of years ago. And there's a reason they've been so popular for so long: diamonds go with everything!

Not sure how to match your jewelry to your outfit? Choose a pair of diamonds. (Cubic zirconia is also a close second.) Under the light, the classic white diamond acts as a prism, revealing all of the colors that make up its composition. Be aware that the entire spectrum is included.

The colors gold, black, and white

Coordination of black or gold jewelry, both simple and powerful statements in their own right, with simple and classic attire is essential. Bright gold jewelry or onyx gemstones will complement that perfect little black cocktail dress. Like an Art Deco muse, a simple, plain dress (such as a flat black or white dress) showcases black gems and gold metal.

Match Your Spring and Summer Clothes With Cool Colors

The bright airiness and freshness of spring and summer clothes complement cool, natural colors beautifully. Try blue topaz or green peridot against soft, neutral fabrics or patterns. By combining naturally-paired colors, you can transform your outfit into something straight from nature.

Take Note of Necklines

When it comes to creating a cohesive, balanced look, choosing the right necklace lengths is critical. If you wear jewelry with a clashing neckline, your entire look will be off. However, by wearing the right necklace that complements your neckline, you can accentuate your outfit for a more complete look.

Wear a strapless dress or tube top with a chunky choker or necklace that sits snugly around your neck. Thick, dangly necklaces with intricate designs complement off-the-shoulder shirts and one-sleeved dresses. Combine a high-necked or collared shirt with a larger pendant on a thin chain necklace.

For Formal Events, More Isn't Always Better

You might believe that if you're wearing a formal gown to a formal event, you should play up your jewelry to match your outfit. On the contrary, the inverse is frequently true. Simple, small jewelry pieces often look best with long, fancy gowns or other formal outfits. To add a subtle flair to your outfit without drawing attention away from your formal attire, try shiny delicate jewelry such as diamond stud earrings.

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