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Article: Animal Pendants Never Go Out of Style

Animal Pendants

Animal Pendants Never Go Out of Style

Jewelry designers have always drawn inspiration from the natural world. Modern jewelry designers create amazing pieces with animal inspiration. These works include anything from delicate birds flying high in the sky to amusing animals like monkeys and grinning pandas.

 Each jewelry item featuring an animal presents the species distinctively. Some are more abstract and depict an animal in a geometric, gem-set design. Some are extraordinarily intricate, with hand-carved wings and gem-encrusted faces that come to life. Even the most discriminating collectors will surely be delighted by our collection of exquisite animal jewelry.

In the same way that animals have specific meanings and connotations, so do colors, shapes, and other symbols utilized in jewelry. While some animals are primitive and untamed, others stand for knowledge, cunning, or patience. Some animals have diverse symbolism depending on the culture; therefore, they are portrayed for various purposes in art, clothing, and jewelry.

 People may be drawn to their totem animal jewelry because it represents a spiritual connection. Depending on the season of life we're in at the time, different totem animals may provide us with connection and guidance. To ground ourselves in the natural world, establish a connection with the Earth, and gain wisdom from the creatures around us, animal totems are often used in jewelry.

Animal motif meaning and significance in jewelry

Since ancient times, animal motifs in jewelry have been a common practice. The movement has once again gained attention in recent years. The jewelry trend you need to support in 2023 is animal motifs, whether it's employing lion head designs in rings or wolf designs in pendants.

Four animals—the lion, tiger, wolf, and eagle—have inspired jewelry lines at Charlie & Co. Every item of jewelry that incorporates these motifs expresses its defining characteristics. The lions are renowned for their power, bravery, and strength. Charlie & Co. provides you with a wide selection of lion jewelry in the shape of rings, bracelets, and necklaces while keeping the same characteristics in mind.

Cats of the Jungle!

The lion has long been a representation of pride since it stands for valor and grandeur. This message is presented in our Head of Lion Necklace line, which also emphasizes its significance for our company. A tiger is revered as the king of the forest in the western world. As a result, the tiger symbol also connotes competition, self-assurance, and fearlessness.

Lone Wolf!

Then there are the wolves, which symbolize for wisdom and understanding as well as loyalty and strong familial relationships. A wolf pack is the perfect example of a close family unit that looks out for one another. Wearing jewelry is seen as a symbol of one's love for their family, their strength, and their unity.

Meaning of Dolphins

Due to their intelligence and in sync with their instincts, dolphins are a symbol of harmony and balance. Dolphins are also a representation of protection and rebirth. They are playful, which serves as a reminder to us to live joyfully and humorously.

Charming Turtle Pendant Necklace

With this pendant, which was inspired by the Honu, or Hawaiian Green Turtle, you can bring knowledge and good fortune. Moving parts include the head, arms, legs, and tail. The turtle represents immense patience, fertility, and vitality. The turtle is a representation of longevity and good fortune in Japanese culture. The turtle represents 10,000 years of bliss and is a good omen. One of the world's oldest species of living things is the turtle, which represents a person.

Why wearing animal-themed jewelry is a good omen

Jewelry designs are frequently filled with symbolism, especially those that feature mythological or actual creatures. Since symbolism is the only method to give the images that jewelers carve out of gold significance, it makes sense that they are a superstitious group.

Animals have long been popular, and historically, when worn as lucky charms, it was thought that the wearers would acquire the traits of the creatures. Sometimes a brand's history or significance during a particular point in the founder's life might be linked to a favorite animal.

Necklaces can represent your spirit animals

The animal to which you feel the strongest affinity is your spirit animal. These are supposed to be animal messengers and guides. For instance, a cheetah is frequently associated with someone who is impulsive, competitive, and stubborn! In this situation, the cheetah is your spirit animal. According to the birth month, those who believe in horoscopes also believe in spirit animals. And the perfect way to keep your spirit animals close is by wearing them. So, invest in animal pendants to ward off evil eye.

Since the dawn of humanity, there have been interactions between humans and nature. The rich (and frequently intricate) tapestry of animal symbolism that exists today is the result of this long-lasting association.

Animal symbolism, like all symbolism, was crucial for survival in the early days, before the invention of writing. It was necessary for forms of communication related to food and shelter. The animal form gained more "meaning" in the human mind as literacy and folklore expanded. A bear wasn't merely a ferocious, dangerous animal (Avoid it! Get ready! Let's go bear hunting!) - it was now known to stand for particular human qualities, such as bravery and strength.

If you are interested in adding an animal pendant to your jewelry collection or buying an animal pendant as a gift with sentimental value Charlie & Co. can provide you with a variety of animal pendants while never compromising on quality and design.

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