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7 Different Ways of Presenting Jewelry as gifts

You've finally discovered the ideal jewelry present that will evoke a look of surprise and awe from your particular someone. But, the job is not yet finished. Be imaginative with your presentation instead than simply handing over the jewelry box or putting it in store-bought wrapping paper. Make the presenting a show that concludes with joy over your thoughtfulness, or try a creative approach to wrap the present. Check out these unique methods to give a present if you're stuck on how to make your jewelry gift stand out.

Unexpected Present

Another variation on the scavenger hunt concept is to hide the present and have the recipient find it. You could provide verbal cues or a general location. For instance, declare that something unique is hidden in the Christmas tree area or in the kitchen. Text written or picture hints to the recipient for a high-tech twist. Another method is to use the hot-cold game to alert the recipient when they are getting close. Discovering the gift is fun on its own, but seeing what's inside makes the game even more enjoyable.

Sentimental Location

Make the jewelry presentation more significant by taking the receiver to a specific location. This could be a favorite site of the receiver, such as a scenic viewpoint or a beloved coffee shop. Another alternative is to visit a place where you previously had a meaningful moment. You might revisit the location of your first date or the location of your wedding. Make the presentation more memorable by discussing why the location is remarkable first. Pull out the new piece of jewelry you chose when the time is appropriate. The location is now even more important to both of you.

Unexpected timing

When you have a special moment to celebrate, such as a birthday, anniversary, or holiday, your significant other is likely to anticipate a gift. Change the time of the present giving to defy that expectation. For instance, if you usually exchange gifts with your spouse during a special meal on your anniversary, give them their anniversary jewelry gift first thing in the morning. The timing of the surprise gift catches them off guard and adds to the excitement of the gift.

Keeping a Low Profile

Instead of presenting the jewelry yourself, place it in a location where the recipient will find it organically. Consider what your significant other does during the day. Put the jewelry in one of those places. Replace their favorite mug, for example, with the jewelry so they can find it when it's time to pour coffee. Alternatively, place it next to the remote control on the table close to the couch.

Ideas for Unique Gift Wrapping

Another approach to make the jewelry stand out is to wrap it in a unique fashion. Jewelry can be placed in a gift bag by anyone. Taking the effort to employ a creative gift wrap option, on the other hand, demonstrates that you put even more consideration into the gift.

Try one of these unique gift wrapping ideas:

A map of your favorite location: As the wrapping paper, use a paper map of a unique location. Your favorite trip together, a city you used to reside in, the spot where you met, or the location of your honeymoon are all possibilities. Mark the locations on the map where you shared a wonderful moment.

Fabric: Instead of thin paper, wrap the gift box in fabric. Pick a utilitarian item, such as a kitchen towel or cloth napkin with a fun pattern, so that the wrapping can be reused. Positioning the item in the center of a square piece of fabric is an easy method to wrap it. Tie opposite corners of the box together. Duplicate the procedure, tying the last two corners together in a single knot. Bring the two corners from the first knot back to the top and tie them again to secure the knots.

Take-out container: Take-out style boxes made for gift giving are available at craft and gift stores. These boxes are available in a wide range of colors and patterns.

Another Gift Within

A single present is wonderful, but two gifts are much better. Instead of merely giving a piece of jewelry, buy something else to go with it. The present can be linked or simply serve as a jewelry holder. The recipient opens the outer present, expecting nothing more. As they open the gift, however, they are greeted with the second surprise, which is your carefully chosen piece of jewelry.

Served on a Plate

How many movies feature someone popping the question in a glass of champagne, a dessert, or another culinary item? While this notion is appropriate for a romantic evening, it is a potentially risky option, especially if the jewelry is not immediately detected. Put the jewels in the box on a tray or plate instead. Using icing or melted chocolate, write a message around the outside of the pan. To enhance anticipation, present the plate as is or cover it with a dome cover. This presentation complements the dinner theme and is more imaginative than simply passing the jewels across the table — yet there will be no chipped teeth or swallowed jewelry.

Now that you know there are a plethora of ways to present jewelry to someone, go check out Charlie & Co. Jewelry to make your purchase. Discover the perfect piece for a special occasion, casual outing, as a gift for someone special, or just for yourself. From star-shaped earrings to heart-shaped pendants, to gold Cross post earrings to match our gold Jesus pendant, we have it all.

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Different Ways of Presenting Jewelry as gifts